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A few weeks ago, I sent a little survey via email to a few of my readers.  survey here

One of the resounding responses was they wanted more Bible Studies and Godly Affirmations to strengthen their walks with the Creator.  So today, my dear Giant Slayer, I write you a love letter;  a love letter of encouragement from one Sister in Christ to another.  I also want to invite you to share with me (if you would like) what you would love to see here at Dauntless with Dignity.  

There are some weeks that the Lord places lessons upon my heart words and practical tips that I long to teach you that help you to overcome the overwhelm. (Don’t you love all those printables!?!)   Other weeks, He presses upon my heart words that you need to hear.  Today is one of those days that I know I’m appointed to share a love letter with you from our Heavenly Father.  May you find many blessings and a deeper connection with our Creator as you read today’s words of encouragement that are grounded in Scripture and help you create Godly Affirmations to KNOW who you ARE in Him.   

And Giant Slayer, make sure you grab the Free Download of this at the end so you can read and record your own thoughts.  Consider this a little devotional from me to you.

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Ephesians 2:10

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

For we are God's workmanship.  Ephesians 2:10

Dear Daughter of the King,

Today, I write to remind you of Your Father’s Words over your life: 

You are appointed.  You are His handiwork.  You are made for more.  

In the same way, He created the heavens, the majestic mountains, the powerful waves, and this amazing earth, He created you.  He formed your spirit and your passion in the same way as He formed the subtle nuances in your eye color and the lines that make your fingerprints.  He created you and appointed you and breathed His life into you before you ever breathed your first breath.

So many times we stand and marvel at the world around us that He created and forget to realize the beautiful creations that WE are!  We spend our time searching out flaws, seeking reasons why we’re not good enough, and spending wasted moments magnifying problems instead of praises.  

Sister, Imagine what He could do through you if you were to SHIFT your mindset into embracing yourself as HIS CREATION!  What could happen in your life!?  What could He accomplish through you?  What Giants could fall if we spent time in obedience picking up stones and practicing our aim to slay the Giant instead of complaining about how huge the Giant in front of us seems to be!?

He prepared in ADVANCE for you to do amazing things! Does that scare you, dear Sister?

You are called. You are appointed.  You are a Giant Slayer.  Do NOT doubt this.3

The enemy would have you to believe that the desires of your heart are silly and the abundant blessings from the Creator are for other people.

This is a LIE.

He promises us right here in Ephesians 2:10, Sister, that YOU were created to do good works. Your whole life has been preparing you for this. In every situation that the Enemy has attacked you,  your Father has been there working for you! (Romans 8:28)  Your mess becomes the Message when we share how He has redeemed us and is working through us.  

It’s time to SHIFT your mind into His purpose and embrace the changes and blessings He is ready to give!  Trust Him.  Pick up the stones, prepare your aim.  Let your Father steady your hand and place the force behind the throw.  The Giants fall when we embrace the work He’s called us to do.

With JOY in Him,

Your Sister in Christ


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  2. […] wake up and quiet time, but I also recognize that I am God’s handiwork and appointed.  (See that post here.)  By taking this mindset shift, I’m choosing to be intentional with the body God has granted […]

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