Yogurt Crunch

I wanted to share a quick and simple breakfast recipe that I’ve been using lately!

Mornings can be challenging, and cereal doesn’t really keep us full. Plus, I’m looking for health benefits instead of just quick and easy. I want something that fits on my fixate meal plan to fuel my body.

It’s just 3 ingredients:
Plain Greek Yogurt (1 red container)
Honey (1 tsp)
Raw Steel Cut Oats (1 blue container to measure)

Container count: ♥️ 💛 🥄

I decided on a simple combo with protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a little immunity booster. Pair it with a handful of nuts and a fruit and you have a full vegetarian breakfast that will leave you completely full for hours.

Plain Greek yogurt can have a bad rep if you’re used to having the pre-sweetened stuff from the store. ( Fage yogurt is my favorite!) So, I added a natural sweetener to it. I prefer honey, but stevia or maple syrup would work too.

Make the night before for a different combination on “Overnight Oats”.

Add chopped pecans or cashews (1 blue container) for more crunch.

Add a tsp of chia seeds for some extra health benefits! (1/2 Orange Container)

Pair with 1 cup of mixed fruit (1 purple container) to round out your breakfast.

Tip: Warm bananas or cooked apples with cinnamon add an even sweeter taste.

I use my blue container as a scoop to equal 1 yellow container cooked oats.

What other add-ins would you use?
Leave me a comment below if you try this!
I would love to hear about it!

Blessings from my kitchen to yours,


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