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The Blessing of Nothing

When God Whispers

Today was one of those moments when I heard God whisper the blessing of NOTHING in my ear. It was 3:25 p.m. after a long day of teaching. He slowly walked through the door to my classroom crying; this tiny six-year-old boy of mine. He had a long, exhausting day too.

Can I be honest? I was immediately frustrated with his tears. All I wanted to do was to finish my grading so we could make the 30-minute commute home. After all dinner and laundry were still waiting for me as well! I didn’t want to be Mom yet. I was still in the “teacher mode” when he arrived so this was not the situation I was hoping for this late afternoon.

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He crawled up in my lap and his two older sisters were already complaining about his behavior. (Aren’t big sisters great at that?!)

“Mom, I’m ready to go!” shouted my oldest blessing.

“Why is he bawling like a baby?” accused his middle sister.

“When can we go home?” they both questioned me over and over.

Beyond Frustration

I was now beyond frustrated with all three of my “blessings” as they whined and grumbled. I could feel the ugly “Green Hulk Mom” beginning to stir inside me. The “Hulk Mom” I’ve been working on defeating for years. I didn’t want to yell today, but this situation was spiraling out of control quickly, and I could feel myself losing the last shreds of sanity I had.

The questions and accusations only made his outburst and my temper worse. His crying and tantrums lasted for over an hour, and there was NOTHING I could do. He couldn’t even really verbalize what was wrong. Every question I asked him resulted in another bout of tears. As a mother, there is nothing fun about these moments. NOTHING.

As a mother, there is nothing fun about these moments. NOTHING.

As I’m holding my little BoyWonder I’m thinking of all the things I should still be doing in my classroom so we can get the heck out of dodge: the papers that need to be graded and filed, the grades that need to be updated, the room that needs to be tidied, the board that needs to be erased, etc.  Then comes the mental “Mom List” too: laundry to be folded, laundry to be swapped, dinner to be prepped and cooked, pets to be taken care of, afternoon chores to check off, etc. And at the end of these lists were those three blessings awaiting Mom. And it was in this moment, I heard God whisper, “NOTHING” to me.

The Creator opened my eyes so that I realized there is nothing more important than this moment.  NOTHING.

Nothing Is More Important

In this moment of NOTHING, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I’m the mom that struggles to relax. I’m the mom that creates the chore chart, the to-do list, and always has multiple projects going.  I’m the mom that understands the “Martha Mindset” and wonders if somehow we are truly related! I am the mom that always has SOMETHING to do because NOTHING implied laziness in my world. Yet, here was my Heavenly Father whispering, “NOTHING” to me right now, and it felt glorious to be released from the burden of the task list that day.

Just as Jesus spoke to Martha, I could hear the Father whisper in my ear, “You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.” (Luke 10:41)

In the midst of all this chaos on this afternoon in my tiny classroom, I realized that every time I cry out to God and run to His arms He gives me the blessing of NOTHING. He holds me. He listens. God loves because there is nothing more important than His relationship with His children. NOTHING.

God loves because there is nothing more important than His relationship with His children. NOTHING.

I realized that sometimes when it seems that all I am doing is NOTHING but sitting, I will remember there is NOTHING more important than my time and the opportunity to REFLECT our Father’s love. NOTHING. And I wish I would have realized all this truth about the blessing of NOTHING years ago when my children were little and I was truly struggling.

Parents, we are truly appointed to a Higher Calling to love, to show patience, to nurture, to build, and to lift them up. I pray blessings for you as you learn to find peace with choosing NOTHING on the days when it seems there is way too much to do.

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  1. sherry says:

    It is a hard job. It is worth it. so beautifully, and honesty said and too true! Those messy thoughts that bounce around in your mind. This is the true heart of why being a BUSY mom is soo difficult! I’ve been there. I’m now enjoying being a grandmother This time is so precious. I remember being so busy with “to do” lists. I can now relax, snuggle and really stop and smell the roses. God’s reward . hang in there young mothers .

  2. Ashley Tyler says:

    That was good!! I miss mine being little I wish I could turn back the clock when mine would climb in my lap!!

  3. Sweet little guy. I miss those times of holding mine and wiping their tears away.
    Bless you

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