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The Beautiful Truth Behind Simplifying My Space

The hidden truth.

I want to share with you a simple, but hidden truth about my home.

For the first few years of living in this house, this corner of my bedroom was a crap hole.  It collected broken toys, items to be repaired, wall hangings and decor I had no idea what to do with, an old lamp that needed a bulb, a box of memories and photos that needed sorting, knick-knacks that held no purpose and didn’t really bless the feel of our home, clothes that needed to be put away, etc.

Do you have one of those too?  The place where you say, “I really should do something with this stuff.  I just don’t know what.” Maybe it’s a “I really don’t have time to deal with this stuff” kind of place.  Or maybe, like me it is a paralyzing overwhelm and a hidden fact that sounds like this: it was where all things went that I didn’t want to deal with.


The calling.

Last year, I felt the Creator pressing upon me to simplify; to throw off all that hinders so that I could fix my eyes on Him. I wanted to run with the purpose and at the pace He set for me.  I wrote about this Hebrews 12 race  that the Lord pressed upon me already.

I wasn’t sure where to start or why this was pressed upon me except I knew I never felt peaceful, but restless and anxious in our home.  After prayer and meditation about how to create a home of peace, I created a chore chart because we needed spoken expectations and simple routines.  After we established this, my mind felt the freedom to begin this decluttering process that the Lord was calling me to.

To be honest, I wasn’t ready to share all the hidden fears and the struggling mindset that I was working through until now.  I needed His healing and a way to actually share the journey that could help others.

I got to work.

As I waged war with my “stuff” I began to see the secret sins that were hindering and entangling me.  Oh, sister! This has been a tough process to realize that my hindrance comes in the form of a spirit of lack and distrust.  It comes in the form of stinginess and longing for worldly blessings instead of leaning and trusting on God.

Here’s what I learned: secret sins like to hide in the places we least expect and if we want to run with reckless abandonment into the arms of Jesus, we will have to reveal the essence of who we are and what is truly hindering us.

I realized that this space in my home was a physical manifestation of what was going on inside me spiritually and emotionally.

I realized that this space in my home was a physical manifestation of what was going on inside me spiritually and emotionally.

The simple shift to simplify my space.

I want to share a few spiritual lessons that I learned while making this simple shift to simplify my space.

1.| I couldn’t see or grasp all my blessings because I was focused on all that I “lacked”.  I could not embrace the beauty of God’s abundance because the Enemy was blinding me with a focus of needing more.  I knew that “Godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Timothy 6:6), but I was not applying this mindset shift to the belongings in our home.

I was filling my life and my space with things that didn’t bless our home because I was afraid that if I let them go then greater blessings would not replace them.  I was clinging to crumbs from the Enemy’s table instead of feasting on God’s peace and provision.

2.|I couldn’t choose where to place things on my walls or in my home because there was a paralyzing Overwhelm holding me hostage.  The crazy thing is that when I removed things that were not blessing our home and this space was empty there was an overwhelming peace that pierced through this Overwhelm.

Without all the clutter and crap around me I was able to just “be still and know that He is God”  (Psalm 46:10).  I could feel His presence in the quiet.  I was able to drown out the world’s noise to hear the Spirit whisper!

This space sat empty for 6 months until I knew how to proceed.  (yep, totally serious.) I’m learning not to fear the quiet, the empty, or the “lack”.  I am choosing to say “no” to what does not bless me and yes to the Lord’s provision.  It’s a quiet and peaceful confidence that’s filled my soul.

My best friend would often visit and say, “You need _____ in that space.”  My response was always, “No, not yet.  I don’t need anything to fill this void.”

3.| I didn’t want to rush this process. Through simplifying my space, I’ve discovered His joy, His presence, His purpose.  The truth is The Creator had filled fills my void.   When I clung to Him, I realized that placing things on my walls and in the spaces in my home should be intentional and exactly what I want instead of the “need to take up space.”

4.| I had more time to embrace His purpose.  Just this morning as I was walking through the house I realized there was nothing pressing to be cleaned, picked up, or done.  My home felt peaceful.  Not rushed.  So many times the clutter in my space left my Martha heart frantic and overwhelmed by all that needed to be done.  I couldn’t rest like Mary.  I knew there was a better way.  I simply had to clear the clutter out of my spaces to find that simple peace in His presence.

*Side note: having a chore chart and simple routines helped to create this feeling. I don’t think we can truly have one without the other.

This simple process has given me time freedom to be able to serve fully as His handiwork, creating for Him and His purpose to serve and minister to others with Spirit-led priorities.  

I moved out.

I moved out of the “old mindset” and into feeling like a new creation.  I took this mindset and began working through to simply other spaces in our home.  The process to declutter our home has been purposeful and a spiritual act of worship for me.  I’m working in obedience to the Creator’s calling on my life.

I am working with a Colossions 3:23 mindset, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…”

I want to view my home as a place entrusted to me by my Heavenly Father, the King.  I am a daughter of the King, after all.

Friend, if this is resonating with you at all, I want you to download my free guide to Simplify Your Space.  It’s a simple workbook to bless you with some of the same tools I’ve been using.

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I moved on.

I didn’t stop with this simple space in our bedroom.  I took to my bathroom, my closets, my kitchen, my kids’ rooms, my living room.   It seems that I’m weekly collecting bags for donation or trash to simplify what I will keep.  I did what the experts suggest by setting a timer and sorting into three piles: trash, donate, or keep.

I’m still working on this.  I’ve not fully arrived to the place where I want our home to be, but I’ve recognized that every simple action is progress in the process.  This gives me permission to take my time and enjoy the growth and the maturity that the Spirit is working through me.  I invite you join me {here}.

Instead of the Konmari Method of asking, “Does this spark joy?” (I know true joy comes from our heavenly Father.), I began asking myself a simple question to determine what I should do with the objects:

“Does this bless our family and our home or would this bless another family and home more than ours?”

Not Empty Anymore.

I have slowly begun to move things into this space.  I’ve chosen these items intentionally and purposefully.

I use this space as a place of spiritual worship. 

It’s where I workout (since this, I’ve moved the weights out of sight behind my chair.)  I know that this physical discipline also helps me to create a spiritual act of self-discipline.

I sit to read so I’m not on my bed.  This red chair is so my color.  The plants remind me of the life the Creator gives to us.  The shelf is an antique I bought 20 years ago before Chris and I were married.  It’s been around the world with me. (metaphorically and physically)

This space also gives me an amazing view outside my sliding glass doors to remind me of all the blessings that the Creator has bestowed upon my life.

No longer overwhelmed.

I no longer feel overwhelmed to make choices about objects in our home.  If they don’t bless me, I box them up and send them on to bless someone else. 

I’ve chosen to simplify my life as a spiritual act of worship.

I want to live a simple, straightforward and intentional life for the Creator.  I’m not one who has fully embraced minimalism so I don’t want to call it that.  But, as I’ve simplified our space and our routines, I’ve discovered more peace in His presence.  

I want to simplify life with a Christ-centered approach. Not minimalism, just simple.

Simple routines to bless our home.

Simple recipes to bless our health.

Simple rhythms to bless our souls.

If you would like to have this Scripture-based and Spirit-led tool, I would love to bless you with this guide.  simplify your space pick up


I know when I first began this part of my simplifying journey, I felt alone.  So, friend, I want to encourage you to share this on your favorite social media platform to encourage other women in their journey to seek simplicity in their homes and their lives, and in turn, know the peace and joy the Creator provides.
With💛 from my toolbox to yours,
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Sister, I’ve got a lot more tools to help you simplify your life.

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  8. I’ve always heard that the state of our homes is a direct reflection of the state of our hearts. No wonder decluttering and cleaning can be so freeing!

    1. Stephanie says:

      Yes. I absolutely see this in our home. It’s been challenging + freeing at the same time to work through!

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