Stop Labeling Yourself, “I am Not a Morning Person.”

Stop Labeling Yourself, “I’m  not a morning person.”

Sister, I don’t want to start preaching at you right away, but I’m just going to leave this as a Bonus Tip to get started.  (Watch your toes! I might step on them for just a second.) Before you can begin to rise early and get a Morning Action Plan in place, you must have the right mindset.  I want you to forget every label you’ve placed on yourself right now.  Your labels might look like this:

  • I’m not a morning person. 
  • I’m a night owl.  
  • I’m exhausted.
  • I can’t get out of bed any earlier than I do now.
  • What’s the point in rising early?  I’ll never accomplish anything.

Mindset Shift

Sister, leave those excuses behind right here with this post.  You can do more than you even imagine!  Rising early to give yourself some time with the Creator and fill your cup is essential to your sanity.  You can have a mindset shift like Paul talks about in Romans 12:1-2.  Today, I’m going to give you 5 tips for rising early to help you create Morning Action Plan for peaceful and purposeful mornings. 

better morning.

My own experience has taught me this:  Create a better morning = create a better life.  You are made for more, and it’s time that you begin to claim this thought!  Here’s how I know it’s possible. 

Just quickly, if you’re not sure about this Morning Action Plan, just hop over right quick to this post, then come right back!

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The Breaking Point – My Mindset Shift

We were stationed in Stuttgart, Germany.  My children were 4, 6, & 8. I was teaching full time at a local DoDEA school with a 35-minute commute one way.  My Superman was working/soldiering 12+ hour days. We were in full swing of wrestling season and the ONLY day off we ever had was a Sunday to catch up on laundry, housework, grocery shopping, and food prepping.   I was exhausted and running on fumes. I was frustrated. I was overwhelmed. I was hiding deep anger and resentment over my life as I felt all those obligations taking up the time I so desperately craved for myself.  And I knew something had to change or I was going to break, and I don’t just mean those black pants that were pulling at the seams across my rear-end. (That’s another blog post)

Giant Slayer, let me be fully transparent:  I don’t write this for us to play a comparison game about who has more responsibilities or whose life is more challenging (that’s Satan nagging at you).  I write this with love in my heart and a hidden confession. At that time in my life, I didn’t want to rise early because I didn’t want to rise to face my day or the obligations in front of me: a struggling marriage, a struggling motherhood, a struggling woman.   #truthbomb 

I didn’t want to face all of those “things” I listed above.  I was running on fumes because I was not filling my own cup. I was not sitting at the feet of Jesus listening like Mary. I was running around like a crazy Martha and angry at everyone else for “stealing” my time that I refused to make for myself.  Time alone with God, time to work on my dreams, time to exercise and time to create healthy habits for myself and our home.   

If you’re looking for some tools to help you get back intentional with your time, then you want to subscribe to have access to The Toolbox.


Those first few mornings were tough.  (No lie, some mornings are still tough).  But, in the course of rising early to spend quiet time with God, I have learned this: HE fills me up so that I can pour into others around me the rest of the day. I reaffirm who I am in Him. I thank Him for the blessings He has provided.  I spend time in prayer + journaling.  I  visualize and revisit God’s plan for me. 

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 I use my “In the Word” printable for this.  It’s helped me to become intentional in my devotional time.  You can find the freebie by clicking the bar below.

The deeper my relationship with the Creator, the more abundant those fruits of the Spirit have become. The richer my relationship is with the Father, the more nutritious my fruit is to give to others.  Although this post isn’t about my devotional time, I must share I’ve found a direct correlation to rising early and this quiet time is an integral part of a solid morning routine.  Let’s get to those tips, shall we?


A few years ago, I read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  This book is one I would recommend to anyone looking to become intentional to reclaim your mornings and in turn, reclaim your life.   I know changing habits is tough.  But as James Clear writes in Atomic Habits, it’s not our goals or self-control that move us forward, it’s our habits. So, my dear Giant Slayer, HOW do we change our habits to overcome mental barriers, to rise early, and tp get out of bed when we’re struggling?  Here are my 5 best tips for you.


1 rising early tips

Morning Motivation Tip 1:  Set your intentions the night before.

Seriously.  When I go to bed and visualize what I’m going to do in the morning: Wake up FEELING REFRESHED is #1 on my list (with drinking coffee coming in a close second).

My mornings go WAAAYYYY better with this mindset than if I go to bed complaining about what I do NOT want to do in the morning.  Your mindset the night before REALLY changes the way you feel and operate in the morning. I used my 10-minute power pockets on Sunday to set up my clothes for the week so that I am prepared each day.   

I also use a Morning Action Plan (MAP) to ensure I’m ready for the next day. You can read more about my Morning Action Plan here.  The Morning Action Plan comes with a free printable so make sure you snag that over there!  

2 rising early tips

Morning Motivation Tip 2:  Keep your alarm clock across the room.

Wait!  Do people even use alarm clocks anymore?!  Maybe I should suggest your smartphone instead!?  And Sister, your toes might hurt after I suggest this BONUS TIP about productivity in general, but I’m going to share it anyway:  DISABLE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA NOTIFICATIONS.


Seriously.  Do this. And then, put your phone on the charger across the room.  By doing BOTH of these things, you MUST get out of bed AND you eliminate those distractions for the intentions you set the night before.  YES, I am SERIOUS.  It’s way too often we are sucked straight into social media and our intentions get left behind.

3 rising early tips

Morning Motivation Tip 3: Listen to Something Motivational!

Remember I told you earlier, we’re going to focus on a mindset shift, here’s where this begins to happen.  When I first began these intentional mornings, the early morning thoughts usually sound like this:

I need coffee.

Why is that alarm clock across the room?

I could sleep for 10 more minutes.

I could sleep for 30 more minutes.

Did I set the coffee last night? I don’t want to do this today.

You get the point.  So, while this may sound crazy, it is totally true.  If you’re giggling right now, I might be reciting your very thoughts as well. I’ve been intentional in my mornings for years now. And I’ve noticed that as I silenced my thoughts with motivational podcasts, my mindset is being transformed.  Christ said, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45).  Paul also writes about this in Romans 12:1-2.   You can see the power of Godly Affirmations that I use right here.

I MUST combat these lazy (eh, I mean crazy) early morning thoughts. So, I listen to several inspiration podcasts in the mornings while I’m doing mindless activities like brushing my teeth, getting dressed, etc. so I can fill my mind with goodness while doing the stuff that requires very little mindpower to do.

The mindless activities I’m talking about are things like brush your teeth,  wash your face, and drink a full glass of water before you ever leave the bathroom in the morning.

These activities require no thinking capabilities… you know, you can be in zombie mode and make these happen!  This is why I LOVE listening to the motivational podcasts while I’m doing these.  I’m telling you, sister, I do ALL of this before I ever leave my bathroom in the morning.

And just a simple health tip for you:  drink a full glass of water every morning before you leave that bathroom.  We need half our body weight in ounces of water daily.  Here’s one way I get the metabolism going and start on that daily intake!

4 rising early tips

Morning Motivation Tip 4: Get Dressed in Your Workout Clothes Before you Leave the Bathroom.

Say what!?  Yes, I put those workout clothes (and my shoes) in the bathroom and get dressed and do all those mindless activities I talked about BEFORE I ever even go downstairs for a cup of coffee.

Why?  By this time, I am ready.  There’s something about dressing fully and putting on workout clothes that reminds me that I am an intentional person.   OH, I still love my slower wake up and quiet time, but I also recognize that I am God’s handiwork and appointed.  (See that post here.)  By taking this mindset shift, I’m choosing to be intentional with the body God has granted me.  

5 rising early tips

Morning Motivation Tip 5: Keep your Power Hour

During the weekdays, I must be intentional and focused to ensure I’ve filled my cup.  As a full-time teacher and mom of three, I’m constantly meeting the demands of everyone else.  After I’ve done all of the above tips, then I head downstairs, drink my cup (or three) of coffee.  While drinking my cup of heaven I do the following to set the tone for my day:

  1. Read something inspirational.  You can see my book recommendations here
  2. Read and meditate on Godly affirmations over my life.
  3. Review my goals, write out gratitude, then journal or write.  
  4. Spend time in prayer and gratitude to the Creator. I use the “In the Word” printable for this. I workout.

His truth is your superpower

I like to call this first hour of my day a Power Hour because it really is the time in which I fill up with God’s truth over my life.  I know that His truth is my Superpower.  His truth is your Superpower!  So, sister, if you want to change your life, I promise you by reclaiming your mornings and implementing this morning action plan, you are taking the first critical step in doing so.  

USE A MAP for Your Power Hour

Sister, I know there are all kinds of writing journals out there to do the above, but I found for me having a plan on one piece of paper helps cut down on the clutter and things that I must keep up with.  I actually have one big binder that has all these printables I create for you in one place.   

morning action plan pages

send me the printable

It is possible to create a new routine.  It is my prayer that this post has inspired you to do so.  Sister, I spent years wasting my time and energy wishing for a different and better life that God had called me too.  I wandered in darkness not understanding that I had the power of the Holy Spirit living in me and I could change my life with just a few small changes in my daily habits and routines.  

Before I share anything else with you, let’s recap these 5 tips to help you rise out of bed and reclaim your mornings!

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Rise Early infographic.png

You do have the power to change your life by changing your mornings.  Sister, I challenge you to take charge of your life and your mornings.  Let me equip you to reclaim yourself in Christ with a few tools I have.  

Our Home Life

To be able to focus on myself each morning and not feel guilty, I knew I needed a few things in place.  One of the very first Spirit-led strategies I began in my life was to bring order and peace into our home.  I’ve shared our Chore Chart to help you create a Peaceful Home with solid routines and focused habits to restructure your chores. 

Waking up to a home filled with peace and not craziness is one way I can be intentional with my mornings and focus on filling my cup.  Trust me on this one sister, you want need a chore chart.  Swing by here to see how this changed our home so that I could be more focused/intentional with my mornings.

Creating a Running Task List to Overcome Overwhelm

When I shared my Five Tips and Strategies to Help Every Woman Get Organized, the idea was to really focus on Tips 2 & 3.  I shared with you a few time management strategies by creating 3 ten minute power pockets and using a running task list.  If you would love to have a little help in this area, just click the banner below and it will take you right to these printable tools!

Get in the Word and Create a Relationship with the Creator

And lastly, my dear Sister, I must shout from the rooftops how this simple “In the Word” printable is changing the way women are in the Word and creating a relationship with their Creator!  To create an intentional study time, we’re using focused questions like:

  1. What do I learn about God in this passage?
  2. What promises are for me in this passage?
  3. How will I use these words and serve others today?

Please swing by and see if this might be just what you need to help you truly be purposeful with your study.

Let’s Connect

Sister, thanks for sharing your time and your life with me today.  You know I’m all about giving you Spirit-led strategies to help overcome the overwhelm, and I pray that you’re leaving here with those in your toolbox today!

Let’s connect our lives on Social Media too so that we can spur one another forward in this journey!

Besides here at Dauntless, I can also be found hanging out and encouraging others on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Are you there?  If so come, find me so we can encourage and build each other!  Can’t wait to see you!

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  1. Wow..! Very Inspiring. I am early riser for the past 9 months but yeah, I got to confess that I haven’t built any routine yet. There are no morning rituals. But after reading your 1 hour super power, it reminds me to build one for myself too. Thanks and wish you all the very best. 🙂

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