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Simple Tips for Bible Journaling

I’m not amazing at Bible journaling.  I see super cute images on social media, but you’ll find my Instagram and Facebook fall WAY short of this incredible art of expression!

I’m limited to a simple, practical, efficient study tool.  That doesn’t mean how I journal is any less effective.  

And here’s what I’m learning about my linear Bible journaling artform that’s happening right now:  As long as it helps me to catch small glimpses of my glorious Creator, my skills are sufficient.  


Bible Journaling Made Simple

Let me put your fears to rest.  Bible Journaling does not have to have some fancy notebook or special markers.  Sure if that’s your craft, then I encourage you to invest in specialized tools.  But, if you’re just beginning to journal about scripture, then let me put your fears to rest.  Just WRITE.  Just be YOU.

Suggestions to Start

  • Read.  You must be walking with Him to be walking in His purpose!
  • Capture the verse as it speaks to you.  
  • Use your favorite colored pens and pencils to write down your thoughts.
  • I prefer to use my “In the Word” printable because I am not artistic, but all about efficient!
  • Create bullet points on the paper instead of fancy art!
  • Revisit your work often to recall His words on Your heart.

Focus on the Message!

I’m a list kind of girl instead of fancy curls and scripts!  But, the message is loud and clear for me when I write out my thoughts on paper!  I find that I discover who God says He and His truth.  I’m learning who I am in Him, what blessings are for me, how I can serve others!  And isn’t this the point of our study and journaling time?

What if we remembered that the impossible is HIS reality?!? Would our lives look the same?  Would we be fearless because we know He really is calling us, leading us, holding us, and protecting us?

What if we viewed everything we do as a way to show others His stage and the amazing and impossible mountains He can move. We can be confident in our ability for what he’s called us to because it’s all HIS STAGE!  How amazing and humbling it would be to be just the curtain holder for His show while He gets all the glory!!🌟🙌🏼🌟


I revisit my journal most mornings reflecting upon HOW He has spoken to me.  Every time I pass these simple phrases, He pierces my heart and reminds me of just how small I am and how He has chosen me to just hold the curtains for HIM!

The Bible Journaling Tool I Use

in the word printable

Blessings for YOU! 

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