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Seven At-Home Fitness Challenges for Every Woman

Fitness.  Temple Training.  Self-Discipline.

If those three words bring about fear, loathing, or just an overwhelming “UGH” then this post is for YOU.  Maybe you’re already working on running a Hebrews 12 Race and have created daily goals, but fitness and training your temple is the tough spot.  Sister, I get it.  I KNOW it.  I’ve been there.  For years I struggled with fear, loathing, and overwhelm in so many areas of my life, (read it here) so I DO GET IT.  I hear from a LOT of women who share their hearts with the following reasons fitness is difficult for them:

  • I don’t have time to workout. (Maybe you need some Power Strategies to Get Organized)
  • I don’t have the money for the gym or one of those online fitness groups. (I pay less than $10/month for unlimited streaming with this program.)
  • I can’t get up early enough to workout (Go read Stop Labeling Yourself “I’m not a Morning Person”.)
  • My home is a disaster and I can’t get it together enough to workout don’t even know where to start let alone find time to workout.  (Check out my routine for keeping our home a Home of Peace and Order.)
  • I have NO idea what I can do at home. (KEEP READING today!)

Maybe one of these reasons resonates with you.  Maybe you have other reasons (leave me a comment below because I want to hear!).  Regardless of how or why you came to this post today, I want to challenge your thinking and give you some simple physical challenges that you can do in your hidden minutes (which I’m going to help you find)!


Today I want to share with you some of my favorite fitness challenges you can do at home no matter your fitness level or time constraints.   I have always been an active girl who enjoys some physical challenges, but I’ve noticed as my body has aged and I am wearing lots of hats, my time for exercise can be a challenge some days.

I do believe this thought: The Creator designed us: Mind, Body, & Spirit!  And girl, we need to glorify HIM in all those areas of our lives!  Let’s talk about this training for a minute!  (pssst, there’s a link for the free printable at the end for these physical challenges so make sure you snag it!)

the creator designed us.png

(Yes, I’m totally aware that I’m sharing these out of order from the above heading, just go with me anyway!)


Maybe you are using the “In the Word” Printable tool to help strengthen your Spirit already.  If not, I want to get this free focus sheet in your hands.  It will help you create intentional time with the Creator to strengthen your spirit and faith for Spiritual Warfare.

This has helped hundreds of women daily to strengthen their spirits by focusing on God’s love, grace, and truth.  I’m learning more about who He says He is, how His Word applies to me right now, and how I can serve others better by using this tool.  Go grab it! 😉

in the word printable pages



Perhaps you’ve seen UNLABELED, the e-course in which I teach you how to claim Romans 12:1-2 by helping you to transform your mind (thinking patterns) and in turn transform your life with Spirit-led strategies!

When we capture every thought and make it obedient to Christ, we can be unlabeled by the world and claim who God says we are based on His truth.  As our spirits are filled up, the overflow pours into building others!

And sister, I want this transformation for you too!  Our thoughts/minds control every aspect of our life.  If labels are holding you back, then come transform your mind with me here.

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I have found such a close correlation between my physical body and the way my mind and spirit operate.  I want to train my body with discipline because I KNOW I need this.  I feel more confident.  I have more energy.  My stress levels are lower.  I know the good stuff, and I bet you do too.  But, let’s face it.  Some days it is tough.

Some days my mind says, “Girl, just do it tomorrow.” or “You’re tired.” or “You have so much going on right now, taking a few days off won’t hurt.”  It is in these moments I realize this is not training.  This is not self-discipline.  This is (mostly legitimate) excuses as to why I JUSTIFY my lack of self-discipline.  These are the days I let Apathy or Overwhelm win and claim their Victory.

Today, dear Giant Slayer, this post is dedicated to getting a new tool in your hand for a few ways to incorporate a little physical training in your life, to create a few new routines or rhythms, and to find hidden minutes and build better habits.


In The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy talks about how small changes over time create big results.  I’ve seen this to be true in so many areas of my life!  I just read in Atomic Habits by James Clear that creating (and tracking) new routines and habits with small changes can improve our lives.  Dr. Duckworth points out in Grit that setting goals (and tracking them) can boost the chemical production of dopamine in our brains to make us feel better even when the changes are small.  So, my friend, I want to give you small changes that you can make for your physical temple and a way to track them to help you improve your life one small change at a time!

These 7 At-Home Fitness “Challenges” can be done almost anywhere and at any time!  Each graphic gives a different challenge and can be usually done in about 3 minutes.  I even give you a few “moments” that we don’t really think about fitness.  I call these “hidden” minutes.  And as you know, small changes make a big impact over time!


pin this image7 at home fitness challenges pin cards.png


When Should I do these Challenges?

Here are some possible ideas for you:

  1.  Do one card per week and work up to several rounds several times each day!
  2.  Place one card around the house.  Set an alarm for strategic times during the day.  When that alarm goes off, whatever room you’re in are the exercises that you do.  (Feel free to rotate these weekly!)
  3. Do several cards at once.  Maybe 1-2 in the morning, 3-4 afternoon, 5-6 evening, 7 just before bed.  (Then rotate after a few weeks).
  4. Place a card on the bathroom mirror, your closet door, the bedside table, next to your sitting place, above the coffee pot or sink, etc.  GET CREATIVE!

img_2658The point for all of this is to challenge you to create small, easy habits to incorporate some fitness into your daily routine.  Most days I follow a Morning Action Plan and have made fitness a part of my morning routine.  But, some days, it just doesn’t happen.  These Challenge Cards have been my go-to for still getting some fitness/exercise in during the day in those hidden minutes!

You can find my Morning Action Plan HERE

read it here on dauntless with dignity

FREE Printable Cards

I took all these and put them in a simple PDF to give you some “Challenge Cards” to inspire you to challenge your temple in small, easy ways.

Sister, you know I’m all about getting something in your hands that is practical and worthy of your time.  I only share things I have tried and use myself.  These fitness challenges are just one of the many printable tools I have for you in The Toolbox.

What’s The Toolbox you may ask?  Friend, this is where I share all my free tools for my subscribers!  I have Focus Sheets that use Spirit-led strategies to help you live an intentional and abundant life!  Trust me, you want in on this!

send me the printable

The Toolbox

This resource I’m offering you is just one little tool from my toolbox that I would love to share with you.  I have an entire free library for you as a subscriber to Dauntless with Dignity.  After you click the link above, I’ll send you a link to access all the free downloads I have.

If you’re already on my list, friend, just follow this link here to The Toolbox to pick up these pages!  Make sure you have your passcode handy!  It should be in your inbox!

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Get Intentional with These Tools

Throwing off everything that hinders and sin that so easily entangles is so much easier when we can “see” what is in front of us!  In the Shop are several tools to help you do just this!   There’s a Daily Habit Tracker, Morning Action Plan Pages, Weekly Task Sheets, How to Create a Chore Chart.

I designed each of these to help me fix my eyes on Jesus and HIS purpose for our lives: To LIVE like we’ve been called out from the grave!  Swing by and check these out if you’re ready to Hebrews 12 your life!

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Let’s Connect

Giant Slayer, I also want to invite you to join our free encouragement group ♥️ Dauntless with Dignity ♥️ so that we can spur one another forward!  This group is full of fierce and passionate women who love Christ and each other!

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Seriously, sister, the physical training might not be easy, but it will so be worth it!!  I would LOVE to hear how you’re planning on using these fitness card challenges!  Would you be willing to share in the comments below?

Friend, wherever you are in your journey, know this: I am praying for you and your journey!  I would love to hear how you’re running a Hebrews 12 race!  Will you leave me a comment below and share this post on social media to encourage believers everywhere!

Blessings from my toolbox to yours,

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