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Hey Giant Slayer!

You know I’m passionate about Jesus and setting goals! So I wanted to put all my best tips and tools in one place for you to help you set Christ-Centered Goals!

God did not create us to be mediocre.  He created us to be His hands and feet.  I want to tell you that NO goal, when created with God’s purpose for your life, is mediocre. He’s gifted each and every one of us with different and beautiful callings.  Your goals are important to God. You are important to God.

So, know this, dear Giant Slayer, whether He’s called you to stay at home and educate your children or to be in the workforce, your goals are important.  Whether He’s called you to speak to the masses or serve the homeless, your goals are important. I could list hundreds more, but the point is this: It is not the size of your goal that really matters.  It is the intention behind this goal that truly matters to the Creator.

And this, dear friend, is the difference between worldly goal setting and Christian goal setting. The purpose behind your goal.

Is your purpose to glorify God or to glorify yourself?

Posts to Help you Create Christ-Centered Goals

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Goal Tracking Tools

Becoming Unlabeled Workbook

Creating Affirmations to Unlabel the Lies of the Enemy with this 25 page Digital Download.

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Daily Habit Tracker

daily habit tracker sheets pink

Morning Action Plan Worksheets

morning action plan pages

Here is the question I want you to ask yourself:  How will you build the Kingdom of God with the goals that you set?