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Overcome The Overwhelm With These Christ Centered Strategies

Hey, my beautiful Giant Slayer!

Overwhelm is such an ugly word and a label I wore for years!  It still tries to show up and hang over me like one of those crazily patterned vests I wore in junior high!  

But, through prayer and meditation of God’s word, I found some Spirit-led strategies that keep in my toolbox to overcome this overwhelm every time it shows up in my life!

Sister, I want to share these tools with you too. Because just like in junior high, sharing our best with our friends is how we truly build each other!

At the end of this post is a downloadable PDF that I’ve created to give you the steps to help you Overcome the Overwhelm.

These are the same step-by-step Spirit-led strategies that I use every time the overwhelm sets in!overwhelm strategy session 2.png

The Invisible Walls

Do you ever feel like you are just pressing and pushing against an invisible wall?  I have been there. A LOT.

My friend wrote to me the other day and we discussed several scriptures about pausing and knowing God’s peace and presence in our lives.

We discussed the question: How do we determine if we’re in a season of waiting or under a spiritual attack facing Giants who want to label us, bind us, and blind us to the Enemy’s machinations?  (By the way, that’s a fancy word for evil schemes.)

This post, my dear friend, is dedicated to this very topic of this kind of spiritual warfare.

How do we determine if we’re in a season of waiting or under a spiritual attack?

God’s Invisible Walls

There are moments when I feel the invisible walls around me.  These walls are shields to protect me from the Enemy.

These are the moments when I need to “Be still and know that He is God” (Psalm 46:10).  

be still and know psalm 4610

There are moments that in this pressing against me I am calm. I know that the Lord is pressing my Spirit to trust Him, to pause, to pray, to seek His wisdom and guidance.  In these moments, I do exactly that. 

This is the Overwhelm of the Spirit, and it is peaceful.

This pause is purposeful.  I’m not being lazy and giving up on the battlefield.  I’m not sitting out the fight, but I AM following the command of my Creator.

I recognize that my Creator has hemmed me in. He is going before me and shielding me from behind.  I don’t always know why God asks me to be still, but I do obey and I seek clarity. 

I pray for a simple prayer like this:

Lord, Thank you for pressing against me and shielding me right now.  I do not know or understand the reason, but I trust you. Lord, I pray for those whose lives you are working in right now and the changes that are taking place.  I pray Your will and Your work be in our lives so that when it is time for me to move in your purpose, the hearts that need your voice through me are ready for Your words.  

It’s Not Always About You

Can I tell you something, sister?  I might step on your toes, but please hear me in love.  It’s not always about you, and it’s not always about me. 

The pause is not always about us.

It took me a long time to realize this. Call it short-sightedness or selfish human nature, but I was pretty immature in my spiritual thinking about God’s plans in my life.  I remember a few years ago this really struck home for me as I read the story of Zacchaeus again. How long was that tree planted before Zacchaeus arrived? Sister, that tree was planted with a purpose long before that wee little man ever passed that way.  It had one purpose: to be there when Zacchaeus needed to see Jesus.

This, my dear friend, is sometimes what the “pause” and “pressing” are about: to be still and let God work so that when the time is right, you are there to help others see Jesus.  

I cannot state enough that this Overwhelm from the Spirit feels restful and brings the peace that surpasses understanding.

The Enemy’s Oppression

Yet, there are times that the pressing doesn’t feel like a peace that’s surpasses understanding in my mind.  I don’t feel a calm pressing, but a lack of clarity. It feels as if the weight and burdens of the world are pushing forcefully against my mind and my spirit.  There is a lack of peace and a full-on feeling of a frenzied craze like kids full of cake and ice-cream at a Chuck-e-Cheese birthday party.  

And this is how I know I am under a spiritual attack.

I can’t settle.  I try to think, try to focus, and I feel overwhelmed.  My brain is foggy, I can’t find clarity, and I want to just lie down and just give up.  Every noise pushes against me. Every whisper and sound and need from my family makes me want to curl in a ball and cry.  Every bill that arrives in the mail feels like too much. Every meal to be prepared makes me want chocolate and to put cereal on the table instead of cook.  Every post and e-mail I need to write draws a blank page and tears. Every student who needs a kind word makes me want to crawl under my desk instead of offer a hug.  Every workout to train my temple makes me want to cry at how I hate my body right now and feel so weak.

Don’t you feel overwhelmed just reading that!

Do you know what I mean?  I FEEL OVERWHELMED. I want to throw in the towel!  The small and mundane task has turned into Giant! Oh, friend, how I want to run away from the big ugly Giant with his overwhelming presence coming to label me, to bind me, and to carry me off the battlefield and throw me into the Enemy’s prison.  

I need to focus, but everything is fuzzy.  I can’t see God’s plan. I can’t hear God’s voice.  I am wondering what is wrong with me because I know I’m His handiwork.  I know I am appointed. I know I am valuable and called to help and lead and inspire others to break free of the bondage of labels and slay the giants.  Yet, here I am dumbstruck at the blank pages and faces before me with no words to write or say and overwhelm is camped on my shoulder. And not too far away is Frustration and Apathy leaning in like I am a little mouse caught in their trap.  I have forgotten that I AM UNLABLED!

And this is how I know I am under an attack from the Enemy instead of heeding God’s command.  

His words do not bring chaos, fear, or unrest.  God is a God of peace and order. He is a God of wisdom and clarity. He is a God of truth who gives me a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind!  I should have the fruits of the Spirit pouring forth from my life; even in the pause.  

2 timothy 1;7.png

However,  I’m sitting here in a tiny ball letting the Enemy pound me as my shield of faith is beginning to fall.  Inside I know is the Holy Spirit whispering, “Girl, you are a fighter. You are a Giant Slayer. You are a Warrior. God is on your side.  You will conquer this.”

fighter affirmation.png

So, why am I having trouble?  Because I’ve not tapped into my SUPERPOWER, aka: The Word of God!  Because I must call upon the Lord and use His sword of the Spirit to thwart the Enemy.   Girl, it is time to strengthen yourself. Spiritual Warfare is happening all around us, and it will manifest itself in the physical world when we are aware as to HOW the Enemy works.  It’s time to sharpen your sword and pick up that shield of faith!

Creating an Action Plan to Thwart the Enemy

Today, my dear Giant Slayer, let me strengthen you and your shield of faith.  Let me help you sharpen your sword with a few of the Spirit-led Strategies I use to combat the Enemy in the Spiritual realm. 

Sometimes we need to fight the physical battles in a Spiritual world before we can conquer them here!  This is exactly how I work through dealing with the spirit of Overwhelm when it’s from the Enemy!

I follow each of these steps to fight the attack spiritually.

  1. Identify the Overwhelm.  
  2. Know the Enemy strategies to take you down.
  3. Know the Enemy’s weakness against you.
  4. Cut off the Enemy.
  5. Identify God’s role verse your role in this battle.

I then move this battle into the physical world with these steps.

  1. Create a list of what needs to be done according to YOUR role.
  2. Divide this list into workable tasks using the “Grid Method”.
  3. Focus on one task at a time.  Master the art of delegation!
  4. Track your progress by highlighting completed tasks or by using a weekly or monthly tracker.

The Downloadable PDF

I want you to know how to move from DEFENSE to the OFFENSE in this Spiritual battle.  I  want to give you ways to move this spiritual battle into the physical world so that you can see the “Giant”  named Overwhelm in your life and find the stones to bring it down one strategy at a time!  

In this downloadable PDF, I’ve created some steps to help you Overcome the Overwhelm. These are the same step-by-step Spirit-led strategies that I use every time the overwhelm sets in!  I designed it, along with several other tools to help you with the same Spirit-led strategies I’ve used to help me unlabel the Enemy’s lies, face the giants, and live like I’ve been called out from the grave!  Beautiful friend, I want you there with me!

send me the printable

If you’re already on my subscriber’s list, then sister, just follow here to the toolbox to pick up this resource!  It’s already waiting for you there!

find the toolbox here

Friend, I want to share with you 15 Psalms that I cling to when it feels that the Enemy is pressing in and I am Overwhelmed!  I wrote these out because these are my go-to fighting verses.

15 psalms download image (1)


Let’s Connect

Giant Slayer, I also want to invite you to join our free encouragement group ♥️ Dauntless with Dignity ♥️ so that we can spur one another forward!  This group is full of fierce and passionate women who love Christ and each other!

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Friend, wherever you are in your journey, know this: I am praying for you and your journey!  I would love to hear how you’re using Spirit-led strategies and setting Christ-centered goals!

And beautiful Giant Slayer, will you leave me a comment below and click one of the share buttons to send this to your favorite social media platform? Let us encourage believers everywhere together!

Blessings from my toolbox to yours,

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