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No More Praying Small

No More Praying Small

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“I’ll pray for you,” is how the saying goes.

It’s simple.

It’s quick.

It’s perfect for social media.

It works perfectly for this fast-paced virtual world, right?!

For the longest time that seemed to me just a catchphrase for those moments I really didn’t know what else to say.  From the outside, it seems just an easy crutch for social media posts.  {full transparency here}

I mean, “Dear Lord, please bless __________ right now.  She’s really hurting.

🙏🏼Praying hands.

🙌🏼Hallelujah hands.

Emojis and gifs graced my responses.

Sometimes I asked offhandedly on social media for prayers too because that’s what I knew to do for sickness and job interviews. And all the aforementioned showed up on my posts for me to see how others were covering me as well.


In the spirit of transparency (because that’s how I roll), I do believe God hears our simple prayers.  I believe He honors our requests as we come before Him with thanksgiving in our hearts and honest intentions in our spirits.

A Radical Decision

But something radical happened a few weeks ago.  I decided to stop praying like this.  I knew I was praying small.  I knew without a doubt the Spirit was placing some conviction on me.  I knew I could pray more fervently to thwart the Enemy here on earth.  It was time to see what our Mighty God could do.

What did I have to lose, right?  So, I posted a photo in a group on social media and asked women how I could pray for them.

Hundreds of responses came in. Literally. Hundreds.

And I was overwhelmed.

I was like, “Um, God, HOW am I gonna pray for all these sisters!!?”  This was beyond my human capacity.

Their hurts.

Their pains.

Their praises.

Their overwhelms.

My heart was so heavy for them. Here were women struggling and facing giants that I had no clue how to bring down.  Women who knew and believed that their only hope is in The Creator.

And they trusted their hopes, dreams, and fears with me to lay these before our Father on their behalf.

They trusted the One Who hears the prayers to answer, but they trusted me to lift them up.

I was humbled.  I would not fail them. I wrote out their names, their requests, their burdens, and their praises in my notebook.

Then I did something I’ve not done in a long time on my own.  I lifted them. Each and every one of them. Over and over and over again as the weekend progressed. I sat at my kitchen table and cried.   Let me tell you I was a blubbering mess.

Oh, But God Knew…

God knew what He was doing when He placed this conviction on me. This experience wasn’t just changing them. It was changing me. He was changing me.

And as I type this, my soul is still filled with the overwhelming presence of His Spirit all over again remembering how my past few weekends have been as I spent time in deep prayer for others.

The Power of Prayer changed me.

Why do I write this?

I can tell you it is not to brag at all.  It’s to beg you to stop praying small. It’s to petition you to pause and really cover someone. It’s to take time to know the needs of those around you and lift their burdens to our Father.

Your prayer is effective and powerful. (James 5:16).

Child of the Most High, it may just be your intercession that changes the lives of others. It may just be your intercession that changes you.

Overcomer, plant deeply His seed/Word/promise within your heart and let His power and love reign down! (Visit Luke 8 with me here for encouragement about His promises!)

Let’s Connect

Giant Slayer, I would love to connect with you and send you some of my favorite Spirit-led tools to encourage and inspire you to live boldly for the Creator.

My favorite tool is an “In the Word” downloadable that has helped hundreds of women become intentional in their Bible study time.

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May this message encourage our Sisters throughout our nation and our world!

In Christ,



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  1. Karisse says:

    Do you have a schedule or system for prayer? I forget if it’s part of the MAP. I know I’m called to be an intercessor but I find it overwhelming. How can I pray for all the needs and still do everything else I need to do??

    1. Dauntless with Dignity says:

      I do this as a part of my Bible study time. I wake up and spend a few minutes in thankfulness for my blessings. During my Bible study time, I spend rime praying for specific people and circumstances. I also pray throughout the day when it’s placed upon my heart for certain people! 💛Steph

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  3. […] wanted a place to be intentional in serving others through prayer and actions.  I have found when I write this out in my morning devotional time that I am setting […]

  4. […] wanted a place to be intentional in serving others through prayer and actions.  I have found when I write this out in my morning devotional time that I am setting […]

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