Mason Jar Salads

Mason Jar Food Storage

💛Sundays mean some planning + prepping in our home so that we have plenty of healthy options ready to go when our week is busy!

🌟I’ve been storing my salads (and other veggies) in glass jars! (Aren’t they pretty??)

🙌🏼I’m loving this because I feel like every time I open the fridge good choices are ready and waiting for us! (Total Mom Win, BTW)  Nothing gets hidden in plastic colored containers.  I know EXACTLY how much we have in the fridge with this method.


What I’ve really discovered is that since we’ve washed and prepped and can actually see what is in our fridge, we eat more veggies!

Plus, it’s easy to set these right on the tabletop & serve from them! Since we live in the south, Mason jars work perfectly with our “rustic or farmhouse” decor!   Serving this way makes for an easy prep and clean up! Talk about another MOM WIN!

Creating Mason Jar Salads

So yeah, Steph, those salads look pretty, but how do you keep them fresh so that the lettuce stays crisp?  Let me give you the secret to salad storage:  It’s all in how you stack it!

Notice here?  Wet ingredients on the bottom to dry ingredients on the top!  That, my dear sister, is the secret!


I love to top my salads with beets, pickled banana peppers, slaw or homemade kraut, onions, and mushrooms.  (To be honest, that’s just one of the salad combinations I love!)  All those years living in Germany gave me the idea for this salad combo for this week.

When it’s time to chow down on these, I add some extra yummies with lean turkey, chicken, or boiled eggs!  I toss some chia seeds or various nuts since I’m a total sucker for crunchy foods!

But, want to hear the really crazing topping? For dressing, I’ve been combining that Fage yogurt you see here with some homemade lemon curd.  Seriously.  On a side note, I do have a delicious and clean homemade honey mustard recipe that’s creamy & has the approval of the Superman and all three blessings!

find more recipes here

What You Really Need to Know

Clean eating and becoming healthier begins with small steps like this right here.  Keep the best choices ready to go for you and your family!  Try a few different salad combos to see what works best for you!  

Share a comment with your favorite salad combo!  I would LOVE to see what you’re eating!

From my kitchen to yours,

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