How to Roast a Pumpkin

Have you ever roasted your pumpkins?

You know, sister, I’m always transparent.  The first time I discovered you could roast a pumpkin was when we lived in Germany when our weekly produce basket arrived on a Wednesday afternoon.

My first thought was, “Is this a pumpkin?”  Then, “What the heck do I do with a pumpkin?  Can I really cook this?”  And the answer was, “Yes,  Girl, you can totally roast a pumpkin!”

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I could not believe how easy (and delicious) roasted pumpkin is! I never ate like this growing up. I just assumed it came from a can and went into a pie. (You too?)

crustless pumpkin pie
By the way, my hubs says it only belongs in a pie at the holidays, but I beg to differ, and use this recipe for a Crustless “Pumpkin Pie” any time of the year!
Why do I even tell you that story?  Because, Giant Slayer, branching out and trying something new in my kitchen like this actually terrified me.  So, I want to share with you HOW to actually roast a pumpkin so that if this is a Giant you face in your kitchen too, then worry no more, because I got you, girl!

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In case you want it in some plain font, just keep reading.


1. Wash these babies!
2. Rub ’em down with coconut oil.
3. Bake about an hour at 400*.
4. Remove from heat & let them cool.
5. Cut them in half, scoop ’em out. An ice cream scoop works perfectly!
6. Discard (or save to eat) pumpkin seeds.

I love to season my pumpkin with salt, pepper, and garlic (Aren’t those your staple seasonings anyway?).

Then I will add some of the following:
*coconut oil     *cinnamon      *roasted pecans

What  I love MOST about this recipe is there is very little prep, work, or clean-up. (#momvictory) And my house smells absolutely amazing on a cool, Autumn afternoon.

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