Living a Dauntless Life


The battle against the Giants in our lives begins when we recognize the Enemy standing in front of us.
I want you to be able to recognize the lies and labels the Enemy has placed upon you.  I want you to know how to use scripture to create Godly affirmations that are grounded in Truth about who you are so that you can defeat the Enemy!

I’ve designed this course to help you become *unlabeled* by the world and affirm who you are in Christ using God’s Word.

Just sign up here to be one of the first on the list to register when the course opens!

DIY Essential Oils recipes simplify

Freshly Squeezed Homemade Limeade

Freshly Squeezed Homemade LimeadeThere’s just something about citrus that brings about the warm and sweet feelings of summer breezes, catching fireflies, and swinging with my grandma on her back porch after we finished picking the garden.  Although this simple homemade recipe calls for limes, you could easily substitute lemons or a mixture of both.  I’ll get right …

a simple home DIY Essential Oils simplify

Sunshine Spray with Essential Oils

This spring has brought a LOT of rain. I wanted to share a super simple recipe I’ve used as a room or pillow (or both!) spray. I call it sunshine spray because it makes the entire room fill with sweet, but clean citrus smells. I’ve been searching out and moving towards replacing chemicals in our …

a simple home DIY Mom Life recipes simplify

DIY Garbage Disposal Tabs

For the first time in 10 years, we have a garbage disposal. As a retired military family, we didn’t really have the option to have one.  We lived where the Army sent us!  And when Chris retired and we moved to “Next-to-Nowhere”, Arkansas, we kept pigs and chickens.  What amazing garbage disposals those creatures are! …

intentional living simplify

What To Do When You Feel You Have No Talent

Hello, Beautiful Sister.   I’ve been praying and pondering a lot here lately about feeling lost without a purpose.  Lots of journaling, crying out to God for clarity and direction.  Trying to grab a hold of “feelings” and working through anxiety and perfectionism. And I thought of other women who may be struggling too:   Struggling with …