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Good-bye, Grinch Heart. Hello, Christmas Joy.

Hey Friend!
Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?  I know for some this time of year is super exciting & for others it’s extremely stressful!  Most years I relate to the Grinch instead of Cindylou Who!  (honest)

But, can you spare me a few moments to share with you our little story about this year’s Christmas and how I’m working on unlabeling myself as “The Grinch”?  (If you want to come back to this story later, just pin the Christmas tree image below!)

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I shared this post on Facebook and Instagram late Sunday night, but I only shared part of the story.  I wanted to share with you the full version with you here because I think it might put this huge milestone in perspective.   This tree is not just greenery, but it represents the gigantic leap I’m taking to unlabel myself as “The Grinch” and affirm my identity in Christ this season and feel God’s peace and joy during this holiday.

My History as “The Grinch”

Isn’t it funny how we have a difficult time peeling off the labels?  This is the first time in 4 or 5 years I’ve had my Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Honestly, most years I feel like the Grinch.  My heart is hard at Christmas, and this usually comes from my own personal mindset that I’m working to overcome with Godly Affirmations (Romans 12:1-2).

4 years ago

* 4 years ago, we spent Christmas in Rome and had a very small tree with little decor. We were stationed in Germany, living debt free, and I was miserable.  I was out-of-step with my Creator and felt no hope for joy and peace during the season.

3 years ago

* 3 years ago, we moved from Germany to Arkansas and all our things were packed. With the excitement from the move, there was really no decorating or joy for the season as this transition took place, just a rush and whirlwind of moving continents, saying goodbye to friends, jobs, and the life we were living just one week before the biggest holiday of the year.

2 years ago

* 2 years ago, our marriage was rocky and there was no Christmas spirit.  I am crying as I write this to you.  I did not think our marriage was going to make it.  After living apart for almost 10 months, connections had been broken, resentments had been built up, and faithfulness and trust had been compromised.  But, sister, there’s hope in prayer and God’s plan for our lives.  (I plan to share more about this soon!)

1 year ago

* 1 year ago our living room was under construction and I was playing a comparison game about what I didn’t have.  I wanted to feel joyful, hopeful, peaceful.  But, all I could feel was comparison as I saw women everywhere putting up trees, decorating home, smiling with their children in Christmas plaids.  The devil was totally after crushing my spirit and stealing my joy.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for an intervention!

This year, though! This year is different!!  

I feel the Lord pressing upon me changes. The need to throw out old ways of thinking and create a new mindset about the blessings He gives.  I’ve been working in our home to purge out old ways and old labels.  You can see more about this Victory photo here.


This year, I embrace and affirm the word He’s giving me. Less of the World; more of Him.  I want to “UNLABEL” myself as the Grinch and know the JOY of this season!

I’m creating an e-course to teach others how to do exactly this.  Fri

How will I unlabel myself as “The Grinch”?

  1. I will choose to seek God.  I can start each day with a grateful heart and writing out gratitude and determining HOW and WHERE I can serve others.  I use the “In the Word” printable for this.  Go grab one if you don’t have this.  It’s free.
  2. I will choose to embrace my identity in Christ.  I will choose to UNLABEL myself. I choose to speak life and KNOW who God says I am: chosen, a praise lifter, joyful, worthy, a child of His.


Friend, I know what it’s like to live by labels and think that my identity is tied up in who I was in the past.  But, I’ve learned that God has a better plan for our lives.  He names us.  He adopts us.  He renews and transforms our minds, our hearts, our lives when we truly know our identity in Christ.

If you do not know how to become “unlabeled” by your past, I invite you to check out the e-course I’m creating called “UNLABELED”.  It’s designed to teach you the step-by-step process the Spirit has led me through unlabel myself from the lies Satan used over me and to claim my identity in Christ.  TRANSFORMATION UNLABELEDLEARN

Friend, it’s my passion and purpose to share Spirit-led strategies so that you know without a doubt WHO YOU ARE in CHRIST!  I pray that everything you find here at Dauntless with Dignity does just this!

In Christ,

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