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Dig In to the Belief of God’s Plan for You

“Dig in.”

I woke up with these words on my heart.  They were a sweet, gentle whisper from the Spirit into my longing ears.  For a while now,  I’ve been sifting through what the world says I need to do to be successful, knowing in my heart and spirit that this “success” as defined by the world was not right.  All the hustle.  All the push.  All the no-excuses mentality.  Sister, it’s not from God.


All the hustle.  All the push.

All the no-excuses mentality.

Sister, it’s not from God.

I felt lost.  I needed to drown out what the world was saying.  So, I slowed my presence on social media. I unfollowed a LOT of popular “wisdom givers”.  I halted my blog.  I quit sending e-mails.  I deleted podcasts that felt worldly or gave worldy advice for success.

I sat, quietly and patiently, at the feet of the Creator seeking direction.  I sought out scriptures to affirm that goal setting can be Godly.  I listened, I journaled, I waited in earnest for the Creator to reveal how to balance a “push for a goal” with “Godliness with contentment”.

And I felt at times that I was doing nothing to pursue my God-size dreams.  (Such a lie from the Enemy!)

Yet this morning when I rose, there was a sweet whisper that said, “Dig in.  It’s time to share what you’ve learned with your Sisters who are struggling as you’ve been.  They need My message.”


Time to Believe

This past year, the Lord placed the word “believe” upon my heart. (see that post here)  It was in these past few months I’ve felt that belief and hope for my God-sized dreams were over.  Leave it to the Enemy to sneak into those crevices of my mind.  I’ve felt stuck in a holding place (yes, again). Since God is still working on me, it makes sense I need LOTS of pauses in this Hebrews 12 Race to make sure I am moving at His pace and not my own.

Apathy had begun to arise in my spirit.  There may have been a touch of doubt and disbelief in the past few months.  Ok, there were totally some moments of doubt and disbelief if I’m being transparent.  I was not doubting my belief in The Creator.  I was doubting the belief in myself; that God’s purpose for me was significant and I could make a difference for the Kingdom.  I felt I had no talent when I compared myself to others.  Talk about apathetic.

But God.  Won’t He do it?!

Won’t He reveal Himself and His promises in His time?

Oh yes!  Yes, He will.

So when I woke up and heard the Spirit whisper, “Dig in,” there was a renewed hope and belief that God was not finished with me yet!  And sister, He’s not finished with you either.   Those God-sized dreams for your life may be in a holding place, but keep believing, keep seeking, keep praying through the apathy.  He’s not forgotten you.

He whispers just what we need when we need it.  

I’ve been reading in Matthew this month.  I try to work/journal through one chapter of Scripture each morning as a part of my purposeful morning routine.  When I arrived at Chapter 13, I revisited the parable of the sower.  Gosh, I LOVE the way Jesus speaks and teaches in metaphors!  The little promptings for “believe” planted seeds in my heart just as they did last time I read this passage.  “Ok, Father God, I’m listening,” I felt my spirit say.  I opened up my heart and this blog post right here and listened to the Spirit as He pushed belief into my soul again.

Jesus spoke in Matthew 10:27 saying,

“What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear proclaim from the rooftops.”

Let me proclaim to you, Sister, if you’ve been in a holding place on your dreams and felt that your time has passed, let me remind you that you still have breath in your lungs and a beat in your heart.  You can and will still impact the Kingdom.  Let me breathe the life of the Spirit back into you. Let me be the messenger for your hope and belief.  Let me share what the Spirit whispered in my ear.


Dig In.

Do you want to believe?  Then, dig in!

Dig in to your spirit and uncover the hardness.

Dig in and open up your heart so that the Creator has a place to dwell. 

Dig in and remove the rocks and the hard places so that belief has a place to grow.

Dig in and remove the thorns of doubt so that your belief is not choked out. 

Dig in and enrich your spirit with the life giving words and power from the Creator.

Dig in and unearth what hinders your belief.  

For you are a child of the Most High who is led by the Spirit. (Galations 3:26)

You are saved by grace. (Ephesians 2:8)

You are co-heirs with Christ. (Romans 8:17)

You are the righteousness of God. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

You are protected. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

You are more than a conqueror. (Romans 8:37)

It’s time to dig in.  Stop doubting.  Cultivate a Christ-centered confidence in who God created you to be; not the shallow pale version of who you once were.  Let His truth refine you and enrich you so that you may believe and impact the Kingdom.

He is not finished with you.  He is faithful.

Dig in and believe in His promises.

The Creator guides us, strengthens us, builds us, and molds us.  He refines us, and He gives us peace and rest.  Setting Christ-centered goals requires belief in His promises, but it also requires belief in ourselves.  Belief that He has provided us with tools to grow and cultivate our spirits to be able to bless others.  I challenge you to pause and dig in.


Ask youself the following questions to help you “dig in” to God’s plan for you:

1.| How does the vision I have for my life align with God’s purpose for me?

2.| How will I glorify Him in the work that I am doing?

3.| Am I resting when He says rest?  Am I working when He says work?

4.| How do my belief and my actions impact the Kingdom?


Let me leave you with a Scripture that’s been placed heavily on my heart.

Romans 4:17 says, “He gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.”


Setting Christ-Centered Goals

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May we shout God’s truth about living an abundant life together!

Blessings from my toolbox to yours,




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