I’m Stephanie!

I’m a small town Southern writer, speaker, and educator.

I’m a Veteran’s wife and so proud of how Chris served our country, a mom of three gorgeous and wonderful blessings (yes, I’m biased), and slightly obsessed with finding order in the middle of our circus that’s journeyed around the world. 

I live for Jesus and quiet time, good books that challenge my thinking or transport me to new worlds, and strong, rich coffee in the early morning (or late afternoon).

But, what I’m truly passionate about is sharing Christ-centered tools and Spirit-led strategies to help my sisters Overcome their Overwhelm.  I create downloads, courses, and workbooks to help women live a joyful and abundant life.

For years, I struggled with knowing my Spiritual birthright, balancing mom life, working, and keeping our home without losing my sanity.

And as I’ve learned to claim my identity in Christ, I’ve developed tools to share with my sisters to keep our faith the center of all our Christ-centered goal-setting strategies.

It’s my passion and purpose to encourage, inspire, and build other women to live like they’ve been called out from the grave.

Besides here on the blog, you can find me most days FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest running a Hebrews 12 race with my other sisters in Christ.

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