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So MUCH Goodness today!

Last week, in the Hebrews 12 post, I shared with you how God has really called me this year with a mission statement to eliminate distractions, to eliminate clutter, to develop intentional mornings and habits and routines that bring me closer to Him.  I want to spur my sisters in Christ forward to run with reckless abandonment to get to Jesus.  I shared with you some Focus Sheets (see below) to help you run the race the Creator is calling you to as well!  If you missed it, Giant Slayer, take a moment to read & then come back!  Trust me on this one!

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Creating a Daily Goal Sheet

This past week, I’ve been inspired working through Hebrews 12 Goal Setting Ideas that I sat down to create some simple daily tasks that help me to eliminate distractions and so that I can fix my eyes on Jesus and the daily changes I need to create this better life God is calling me to!  I know for many Goal Setting in the New Year brings goals like: lose weight, eat better, exercise, read the Bible, etc.

I think those are amazing goals, but can I share something?  I want to focus on simple, daily tasks that will create a better life, not just hit a goal.  I pondered this for a while, prayed over it and worked through what is truly important to me and supported by scripture to make this next year the most intentional and focused on God’s will and purpose for me.  I shared these on Instagram, but I wanted to share these with you here as well.  Actually, I want to break these down with you so that you see how you can adapt something like this for yourself!  I created a printable tracker (at the bottom) to go along with this to help me stay on track and see progress!  I’m so excited to share this tool with you!

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The Daily Goals

  1.  Be “In the Word” (Intentional time in God’s Word.)

Giant Slayer, I use this “in the Word” printable DAILY as I read.  I know hundreds of women have been using this too as it is the MOST read blog post on Dauntless with Dignity and the FREE FOCUS sheet has more downloads than anything else I’ve created.  I’ve seen how it’s creating a focus and intentional study time in God’s Word.  Go grab your copy now and get intentional “In the Word” time starting today!

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2.  Read 10 minutes in a Personal Growth Book (James 1:5)

I do not only spend time in my Bible, but I also want to spend time reading from others who have paved the way before me to create better lifelong habits.  I believe that true knowledge comes from God, but He imparts that wisdom into us!  And SO MANY great minds have gone before me with this wisdom! I aim to read for 10 minutes daily so that I can read 1-2 books each month.  I know that the transformation of our lives truly begins in our minds (Romans 12:1-2).  My E-course UNLABELED teaches you how to do just this!

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I must tell you this too, I read secular books as well as devotionals.  I test these secular books against the Word of God and what the Creator says.  I actually will write out scriptures that support or refute (in the margins) what the writer is saying.

I have created a BOOK LIST HERE that you can take a look at.  My goal is to read at least 10 minutes daily or 1-2 books each month.  I choose books that focus on areas of my life in which I want to grow or change or improve.

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3.  Pray/Meditate

The power of prayer changed my life.  The Power of Prayer changed me.I wrote a post about how God changed me as I prayed for others.  You can read that testimony “No More Praying Small” right here .  I keep just a simple running list in my notebook for this.  I practice daily gratitude and write out these blessings on the In the Word Focus sheet.  I keep it simple.  Simple = Success for me.

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4.  Journal/Reflect/Write (Psalm 1:2)

After reading in the mornings, I take time to journal/reflect/write.  I ask myself the question: What did I learn?  How can I share this with others to bless them?  I know that actually writing out Scriptures and Reflections helps me work through some of the meditations and thinking that I encountered during my reading .  Some days this is just using the “In the Word” focus sheet.  Other days, it’s simple notes in my journal.  And some days, it’s an all-out blog post like 15 Psalms to Strengthen You When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed.  After this, I often post these reflections on Instagram or Facebook to encourage others!

5.  Exercise/Stretch (1 Cor. 6:19)

Friend, let me go here.  We MUST glorify God with our bodies.  I’m stepping on my own toes here too.  In a culture where self-discipline seems taboo, I’m going here.  In a place where we know better, but refuse to change, I’m going here.  In a moment of heated self-argument, I’m going here.

I’m going here because our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19).  I’m going here because I’ve seen how physical discipline can lead to better spiritual discipline.  I’m going here because God commands us to love Him with our hearts, souls, and strength (Deuteronomy 6:4-7)

I challenge you to find a way to glorify God with your temple.  Exercise not to punish yourself, but to create a spirit of self-discipline and thankfulness that you have a body that can move!

If this challenges your thinking and you’re struggling with this, please hop over to the Hebrews 12 post and work through these questions to discover why this is piercing your heart and how you can rise to the challenge:

Hebrews 12 challenge

I actually workout from home.  I have done this for 3 years with minimal equipment, a smartphone, my laptop, or our Apple TV.  Yep, I’m serious.  I follow simple workout programs that a professional trainer created.  If you want more information on this, just email me here.  I’ll share more details if you like.



6.  Declutter/Purge for 10 minutes.

I shared in the Hebrews 12 Devotional thoughts about how over the past year, I’ve felt a pressing from the Lord to declutter and purge our home.  I wasn’t sure where to start or why this was pressed upon me except I knew I never felt peaceful, but restless and anxious in our home.  After prayer and meditation about how to create a home of peace, I created a chore chart because we needed spoken expectations and a simple routine.  After we established this, my mind felt the freedom to begin this decluttering process that the Lord was calling me to.  (More to come on this soon).

As I waged war with my “stuff” I began to see the secret sins that were hindering and entangling me.  Oh, Giant Slayer! This has been a tough process to realize that my hindrance comes in the form of a spirit of lack and distrust.  It comes in the form of stinginess and longing for worldly blessings instead of leaning and trusting on God.

I promise to share more about what God is whispering to me with you soon, but know this today: secret sins like to hide in the places we least expect and if we want to run with reckless abandonment into the arms of Jesus, we will have to reveal the essence of who we are and what is truly hindering us.

God reveals the secret sins.pngSo here is how I plan to tackle this:  ONE 10 minute decluttering each day with a timer.  Easy Peasy.  I’m sharing this journey in my Instagram stories so make sure we’re connected there if you want to follow and join in this journey with me!

7.  Quality Time with my Family

Intentional time daily.  Friend, this does not have to be anything expensive or crazy.  It just needs to be time unplugged from the outside world and focused on time together.  Some days it’s 15-20 minutes of reading or coloring at night.  Other days it’s an all-out activity and outing.  We actually have one family date each weekend.

In Creating a Home of Peace, we actually put Family Date Night on our “chore chart” for the weekend to-do list!  I want my husband and our children to know that they are important and feel God’s love pouring out through me into them.  You can see below some of the things we do!  Feel free to pin this and refer to it when you need an idea!

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quality family time.png

8.  Share an encouraging word with someone.

I aim to be intentional with this.  I know our words have the power of life and death.  (Proverbs 18:21). This can be face to face, a phone call, a post or comment on social media.  I write down each morning HOW I will bless someone today.  In UNLABELED, I address this very concept of how to speak life into ourselves and others with God’s word.  I pray that even the very words you’re reading now are encouraging you and building you to grow in Christ.

9.  Eat a veggie or fruit at each meal.

I’ve not really shared my physical transformation or how I lost the weight that was overwhelming me a few years ago, but I can tell you this:  I did it by changing my nutrition, drinking half my body weight in water, and strength training combined with cardio.  I menu plan and meal prep on Sundays when I plan out my week.

One change in my nutrition (aside from giving up sugar) was to add a veggie at almost every meal.  Some meals I have a serving of fruit instead, but most meals, it’s a full serving of veggies.  I follow this simple container system, drink a vitamin boost, and workout from home daily.  This has kept me balanced without any crazy dietary changes!

I plan a weekly menu on Sundays to keep me on track too!  Menu Planning 101 walks you through the steps of creating a basic menu to help you get in these fruits and vegetables!

mason jar salads

If you’re looking for veggies ideas for your meals and knowing your portions, check out my Pinterest board for this by clicking learn more below.  I’ve got an entire board dedicated to this!


10. Drink half my body weight in water.

There are so many studies and benefits to drinking half your body weight in ounces of water daily that I’m not going to list them all here.  But, the practical application I want to give you today is this:  GRAB A WATER BOTTLE and BOTTOM’s UP!



Giant Slayer, I hope and pray that these simple tips will encourage you to know that small daily goals really will turn into a lifestyle change to help you live a Hebrews 12 race.  These small goals help me to focus on what is truly important for eliminating what isn’t important and focus on what truly is meaningful and to grow closer to Christ.

I want to share a blank image with you to pin and download to save as a screensaver on your phone or to share in your stories online.  When I put this as the wallpaper on my phone, I can look at the reminder every single day to make these small changes!  It’s my prayer that it does this for you too!  Here ya go!pin this imagedaily goals blank


A Daily Habit Tracker

I’ve shared my top 5 daily Habit trackers before, but I realized after creating some new goals that I needed a new tracker to log/track my progress!  You can find these here!

daily habit tracker sheets pink

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Blessings from my heart to yours!

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  3. Karisse says:

    I’m starting to think this a call for the whole church- the putting the hinderances down and running toward Him. He’s been talking to me for a while, I even had a dream recently communicating my urgent need to let go of distractions and GO, but I’ve been … overwhelmed. lol Finding your blog was an answer to my prayer of what I needed to do and how to do it. My husband, thankfully, has been my biggest ally in this area and we have been an amazing team in downsizing and simplifying our home. It’s coming together. Now I just need to print the printables …

    1. Dauntless with Dignity says:

      Karisse, all of my printable in the toolbox or the shop! I would love to collaborate with you to work on a plan for our homes! We could spur one another forward! 💛Steph

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