The Spirit-led strategies in this course are what God has revealed to me through hours spent in prayer, meditation, and study in my own life.  Sister, I’ve been face-down on the floor crying out to God for deliverance!  I know what it feels like fighting the Enemy and his labels over my life.  I know what it’s like to feel no power of circumstances. Moments in my marriage and my motherhood in which the only hope I had was in the intercession of the Holy Spirit.  

Who was I?  Who does God say that I am?  How will I ever leave this dark place in which I feel bound?  How do I ‘unlabel’ myself from who the Enemy says I am?

I sought out through Scripture who God says that I am: loved, worthy, and appointed.  I am a Daughter of the King.  I am a Giant Slayer.  I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.  And dear sister, you are all of these things too!  I know this without a doubt that you are called, appointed, and His handiwork!

Right now, dear Giant Slayer, I am praying that the Spirit is whispering through these words to your heart and mind. I am praying that the Enemy is bound in your life so that you can rediscover who God created you to be:  a strong, valiant warrior in His army fighting side by side with me against the invisible Enemy.