How to Track Your Habits to Reflect Christ-Centered Goals

Do you know how to track your Habits? Habits: the little patterns of behavior that shape our lives. You know, what we do every single day without really any thought to what we are doing.  Automatic actions that shape our: Thought patterns. Words. Actions. Behaviors. They seem little and insignificant but compound into big results …

How to Bring Peace and Simplicity to the Back to School Season

Every year I promised myself that I would have it together to start the school year.  And almost every single year, summer slowly faded and the start of the school year smacked me right in the face like the cold water from a squirt gun in my 8-year-old’s hand.  

I knew I needed to get it together. And I heard this echo from other mommas.

So, I put together a prayer and Scriptures for our families to help bring peace into our mindsets, strategies to simplify, and checklists, guides, and tips to help us start the school year strong this year.