50 Summer Bucket List Ideas

I’m determined to conquer the summer bucket list this year.  And not just because so many families have these and I should do one.  I want to conquer the Summer Bucket List because these are opportunities to spend intentional and quality time with my children.

The ideas on our bucket list are not just about our family either. We have included ideas for servitude in our family bucket list.  

How to Live in Abundance when You’re Flat Broke

It may seem that I am “flat broke” for a season, my spirituality, my marriage, my motherhood, and this ministry are in full abundance. 
I know that sometimes we have done all that we can “to throw off all that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles” and we are still flat broke.  We can “fix our eyes on Jesus” and the finances have yet to change. We are in the season of “hard” and seeking just the glimmer of “hope”.  I want to tell you a secret.  I’ve heard it said that “hope is not a strategy”.  I want to lay that falsehood to rest.  Hope is a strategy.  

Overcome The Overwhelm With These Christ Centered Strategies

Overwhelm is such an ugly word and a label I wore for years!  It still tries to show up and hang over me like one of those crazily patterned vests I wore in junior high!  But, through prayer and meditation of God’s word, I found some Spirit-led strategies that keep in my toolbox to overcome this overwhelm every time it shows up in my life!

Sister, I want to share these tools with you too. Because just like in junior high, sharing our best with our friends is how we truly build each other!

God’s Promises and Our Christ-Centered Goals

The seed is the word of God.  I have always believed that this passage from Luke 8 was only about salvation.  But, as I read this, pondered it, and prayed over it, I could see how these very words of Jesus could be applied to the Christian goal setting process as well!  

This passage is about salvation! Yet, it’s about so much more than “beginning” belief! God’s words are the bread of life and the very breath we live by!  The words of God are His very promises that fill our hearts and our lives.   His words are the appointment He has given to us! His words are the LIFE-GIVING FORCE that drives the Universe.  The seed is the word of God.  

Wait, what?!  Let me repeat this as Jesus often did with things that were important!  The seed is the word of God.  The word of God is the breath and the promise He has planted as a seed in your heart.  The word of God is the LIFE-GIVING FORCE that brought forth light in the beginning. The word of God is the sword that fights the Enemy, pierces hearts, and changes nations.  The word of God is the very thing that spoke you into motion and promises to do amazing things through you, His handiwork. The seed, dear sister, is the word of God!
So, how does the parable of the sower apply to goal setting?