What To Do When You Feel You Have No Talent

Hello, Beautiful Sister.   I’ve been praying and pondering a lot here lately about feeling lost without a purpose.  Lots of journaling, crying out to God for clarity and direction.  Trying to grab a hold of “feelings” and working through anxiety and perfectionism. And I thought of other women who may be struggling too:   Struggling with …

10 Tips for Creating a New Normal in the Midst of COVID-19

Are you working to create a “new normal” right now?  I don’t normally write about world events because I feel like I’m just adding “noise” to what others are saying.  And like so many others, I’m working to establish a new normal over here too! But, this world event of COVID-19 is directly impacting my …

50 Summer Bucket List Ideas

I’m determined to conquer the summer bucket list this year.  And not just because so many families have these and I should do one.  I want to conquer the Summer Bucket List because these are opportunities to spend intentional and quality time with my children.

The ideas on our bucket list are not just about our family either. We have included ideas for servitude in our family bucket list.  

Create a Christian Miracle Morning

How to create a Morning Action Plan for a Peaceful and Purposeful Morning

This post is dedicated to helping you rise early, fill your Soul with the Creator, and take time to fill your cup without feeling selfish.  Yes, I said rise early.  If the thought of having to wake up any earlier than what you already are is exhausting to just think about, sister, please understand this:  I know this feeling.   I distinctly remember the first morning I intentionally rose before 5 am to purposefully change the trajectory of my life.  It wasn’t easy.  
I want to preface this MAP (morning action plan) with this:  I don’t want to wake up stressed and on edge thinking of all the things that I must do to get out the door on time every single morning.  I’ve been there.  This life led me to frustration, anger, and shouting matches with my Superman and those sweet blessings.  I am able to now start my mornings in peace without guilt or overwhelm because of these Spirit-led Strategies I’m sharing with you.