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50 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Confession: I’ve been a terrible summer bucket list mother.

It seems that every year we jot down on some paper things we want to do.  The kids beg to do them and resentfully I agree to a few.  We never accomplish all the things.  Even though I’m a teacher and have summers off, I usually sew or work with women to help them with their health and fitness.   I never seem to find make time to do the truly important things: spend intentional quality time with my family. 

I told you that I was a terrible summer bucket list mother.  

I never seem to find make time to do the truly important things: spend intentional quality time with my family. 

This summer is different.  

For the past several months, the Lord has really pressed upon my heart a few things as I’m running a Hebrews 12 race:

1.| Eliminate what’s not truly important.  This has involved purging and decluttering our home.  It also means I’ve been saying, “no” to what is truly not a priority.  

2.| Get intentional in my time. This means I’m purposeful in my Bible study time and morning routines.  I establish simple (and effective) boundaries with my children’s routines and chores.  

3.| Fix my eyes on Jesus + my purpose here on Earth.  This means I set Christ-centered goals in my personal life, in servitude, and in my career.  

So how do those three ideas fit in with this summer bucket list?  

This summer I will eliminate what is not truly important, set intentional routines with my children, and embrace my priorities and purpose as God called me to do!  {I’ll be sharing more about our summer routines in the next blog post.}

I’m determined to conquer the summer bucket list this year.  And not just because so many families have these and I should do one.  I want to conquer the Summer Bucket List because these are opportunities to spend intentional and quality time with my children.

The ideas on our bucket list are not just about our family either. We have included ideas for servitude in our family bucket list.  

I’ve seen “100 Things to Do during the Summer” and most of these are only focused on self.  Friend, I didn’t want that for our family. I want us to have amazing memories, yes. But, I also desire for us to experience the Creator in nature and to be “the hands of feet’ of Jesus with acts of service.  

I also needed ideas that would work for a family on a budget. It’s not just about living frugally, but about embracing living in abundance while we’re flat broke.  

As we “brain dumped” (yes, I do call it this), we came up with 50 ideas that would truly reflect our hearts and my Christ-centered goals this summer.  Remember it’s not always about quantity, but quality time.

Here are 50 ideas for our summer bucket list.

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50 summer bucket list ideas

May you enjoy these 50 frugal and free ideas for our summer bucket list!

  1. Backyard camping
  2. Camping (away from our house)
  3. Play at the creek
  4. Lake days
  5. Serve a family | friend in need
  6. Attend a car show
  7. Roast marshmallows
  8. Make s’mores
  9. Plant a garden + tend it
  10. Hang hammocks and chill
  11. Get lost in a book
  12. Sleep on the trampoline
  13. Watch fireworks
  14. Hike The Glory Hole
  15. Hike a new location
  16. Get a library card
  17. Read a library book
  18. Leave a kind note in the library book
  19. Farmer’s market
  20. The Peach Festival
  21. Catch fireflies (then release)
  22. Picnic
  23. Plant a flower garden + tend it
  24. Plant sunflowers
  25. Donations to charity
  26. Thrift store shopping
  27. Family fishing
  28. Star gazing
  29. Bonfire
  30. Make homemade ice-cream
  31. Make lemon curd
  32. Make play-doh
  33. Make soap
  34. Gift soap
  35. Make sugar scrub
  36. Gift sugar scrub
  37. Make coffee scrubs
  38. Gift coffee scrubs
  39. Bake a dessert for a neighbor
  40. Play at the park
  41. Make kindness stones
  42. Leave a kindness stone at the park
  43. Make bubbles
  44. Leave bubbles at the park
  45. Church camp
  46. Make slip-n-slide
  47. Hang patio lights & picnic on the patio
  48. Chalk Art Expo on the patio
  49. Build a fort
  50. Create nature books

Of course, we might add a few more things to our list as we go about our summer.  However, I did not want to pack our summer so full of a bucket list of to-do’s that we feel the need to rush through to accomplish everything.

So, for now, we stop at 50.

I would love to hear any ideas that your family has done that brought amazing memories!  Will you share them in the comments below?

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