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15 Psalms to Strengthen You When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed  


Gosh, friend, this word makes me cringe.  I know it’s tactic from the Enemy to make me believe that God is not in control, and I’m left on my own.  Oh, what lies and havoc the Enemy brings into our life, my dear Giant Slayer!

If the phrases “I’m overwhelmed” or “I’m struggling” are a part of your normal dialogue, please keep reading.  It is not my intent to step on your toes but to wash your feet. Girl, you are NOT overwhelmed or struggling. You have been cleverly labeled and blinded by the Enemy.  

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Remember, the Father of Lies wants us to remove our focus from the Kingdom and God’s power to dwell on our limited beliefs about our lives!  As we become short-sighted to God’s amazingness, we begin to dwell on what we see, what we feel, and what we think we “know”. We forget who God says we are and His truth about our lives just as the “man looking at himself in the mirror” as we see in James 1.  

How do We Overcome the Overwhelm?

I’ve been asked often how we “Overcome the Overwhelm” and I’m creating very specific tools, my friend, to help you do just this.  Know if you’re reading this right now about being overwhelmed that I am praying for YOU.  I’ve been there and still fight these giants who want to label me and bind me (and you) with Overwhelm, Apathy, and Self-Doubt.  I am in the trenches with you, dear sister! 

My course Unlabeled is just one tool already in the works already.  I’m also working on creating a step-by-step workbook and course specifically for “Overcoming the Overwhelm”.  And so today, as I was gathering Scriptures to share in these tools for you, I felt a pressing upon my spirit to share with you some Psalms that help me specifically to remember that we are in Spiritual Warfare, and that the Enemy sends in Overwhelm to thwart us, to label and bind us, and to capture us so we’re not on this Spiritual Battlefield spurring on our brothers and sisters!

the enemy sends in Overwhelm

In Unlabeled, I share with you how to “unlabel” phrases from the Enemy like, “I am overwhelmed” and “I’m struggling” and replace them with your true identity in Christ.  You can learn more here.


Today, I want to focus on 15 passages in Psalms that I read often to strengthen me and remind me Whom I serve and His mighty power.  He is on our side, Overcomer. Today, let me help you hold up your shield of faith and sharpen your sword of the spirit.

pin this image15 Psalms to Help you Overcome Your Overwhelm

15 Psalms to Strengthen You When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed  

Many of these Psalms are written by King David, the giant slayer.  As I read these words I see and understand a human that sought after God’s own heart and at moments in his life was Overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by the Enemy.  Overwhelmed by grief and sorrow.  Overwhelmed by life.  And, Giant Slayer, I am comforted at knowing that a man as fierce and strong and close to God sought out the Creator while he was overwhelmed.

  1. Psalm 3– reminds me of God’s amazing power to fight for me! I pair this with Ephesians 6 considering the Full Armor of God.
  2. Psalm 4– reminds me that He fills my heart with greater joy than any earthly thing! Be boldened in your belief that He hears you when you cry out!
  3. Psalm 5– reminds me to wait for God; that He will destroy evil.  His battle-He’s fighting for His children!
  4. Psalm 13— reminds me that God’s timing is not mine and this life isn’t all about me.  Our Father gives us true wisdom.
  5. Psalm 16— reminds me that God secures me and nothing can satisfy my soul like Him!  He assigns my portion.  He secures me.  I will not be shaken.
  6. Psalm 18— reminds me of God’s MIGHTY power! I challenge you to take in ALL His glory, power and might as you read this Psalm.  Notice how he delivered David.  He will deliver you too, my dear friend!
  7. Psalm 23— reminds me that He is my Shepherd and I can trust He knows best for me. I challenge you to read this one again with new eyes if you know it by heart.
  8. Psalm 27— reminds me that He is my stronghold.  His timing! His victory!
  9. Psalm 37— reminds me to commit to the Lord even when I do not understand.  Notice all His characteristics and promises for His children!  It’s amazing!
  10. Psalm 63— reminds me that I should be passionately longing for a deep and intimate relationship with the Creator.  My human weakness allows Him to be glorified.
  11. Psalm 86— reminds me that God has provided a prayer that I can use to reach Him when I’m feeling overwhelmed.
  12. Psalm 100— reminds me to GIVE THANKS.  When I feel overwhelmed, sometimes I need to read and speak JOY over my life.  God is good all the time.  I need to remember this.
  13. Psalm 103— reminds me to praise God for Who He is and how amazing He is! There are beautiful promises in this passage for me and my children.
  14. Psalm 116— reminds me that when I cry out (even if all I have is a whisper left), he calls me out from the grave!  He hears me.  He saves me.
  15. Psalm 121— reminds me that the Lord is always watching over me.  What a comforting and beautiful thought!

Strengthening Your Faith, Sharpening Your Sword

Giant Slayer, these words are meant to strengthen you so that you can hold up that shield of faith to thwart the Enemy’s fiery darts.  These words are your Sword of the Spirit to strike out against the Enemy.  These words are meant to help you see that being Overwhelmed does NOT have to be the state you remain in.  The Enemy is working hard to keep you busy, to blind you, to bind you, and to keep you down.

I know I shared a few of my thoughts here about these Psalms, but I want to encourage you with this free printable to write your own whispers from God.  It’s a PDF with each Psalm listed here plus a bonus page for you to add your own power Scriptures!

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send me the printable

The Toolbox

This resource I’m offering you is just one little tool from my toolbox that I would love to share with you.  I have an entire free library for you as a subscriber to Dauntless with Dignity.  After you click the link above, I’ll send you a link to access all the free downloads I have.

If you’re already on my list, friend, just follow this link here to The Toolbox to pick up these pages!  Make sure you have your passcode handy!  It should be in your inbox!

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Create a Christ-Centered Action Plan

Sister, I know I’ve given you a strong place in Psalms to refresh your soul.  However, I want to share with you how I Overcome the Overwhelm with a Christ-centered action plan.  This is how I determine when the Lord is pressing upon me to be still and when I’m truly battling the Enemy’s oppression.

Working from the spiritual realm to the physical is a must if we’re truly going to battle the Enemy!  Swing by this post and read what I have for you!  Make sure you pick up these focus sheets in the toolbox to help you work through some overwhelming areas in your life!


Let’s Connect

Giant Slayer, I also want to invite you to join our free encouragement group ♥️ Dauntless with Dignity ♥️ so that we can spur one another forward!  This group is full of fierce and passionate women who love Christ and each other!

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Friend, wherever you are in your journey, know this: I am praying for you and your journey!  I would love to hear how you’re running a Hebrews 12 race!  Will you leave me a comment below and share this post on social media to encourage believers everywhere!

More Tools to Strengthen You

Maybe you need to become Unlabeled like hundreds of our sisters in Christ are working on!

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Friend, whatever your need is, know this: Dauntless with Dignity is designed to give you resources and tools to Overcome the Overwhelm.  I am praying for you, Giant Slayer, and the life that is before you.  You are made for more, and the fact that you made it all the way here shows that God is working in all things for you because you love Him and called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28).

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